Love & War Devotional for Couples, a review

Love & War Devotional for Couples is by John and Stasi Eldredge, authors of Wild at Heart and Captivating. They have also written a full book called Love & War on marriage and love. This is simply a small taste of what the full book includes. Set up into eight weeks with 5 daily readings (no more than a page to two, great for a quick read on the bus or during breakfast) and an exercise on the fifth day. The book is a very honest look at the hardships and vulnerability we have within the marriage relationship along with the joys of partnership and growth. The book also guides the couple into their role in God’s Kingdom. As a young married couple, we have a heart for the people of the Upper West Coast. How do we as a couple go about reaching out to them while also still learning about ourselves? How does our heart for these people play a part in our future plans? No book will answer these questions, but they can guide us to a prayerful and humble heart towards God. There we can hear what and how we can share love with these people.

Some of the reviews I read on this book were not positive, they claimed the book was a very negative view of marriage. I disagree, I think this book gives couples the encouragement of no it isn’t always easy and not every fits into a cookie cutter shape and job. We are all different in our needs within our marriage and how we as a couple handle our differences and emotions.

I highly encourage this to married couples. I also think this would be a good devotional to have at the beginning of your marriage. Discuss how you feel about these things before they happen. That alone could help your spouse understand what is happening.


I received this book free from Waterbrook Multnomah.


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