My {DREAM} dog

I have wanted one way before it was popular to have one… A Great Dane. But not like the one below…although that is usually what everyone thinks about when they hear Great Dane.

now I know several people that have or are getting one in my favorite color….


By the way I am a firm supporter of no crop or dock. And rescue, however if rescuing requires I sign away my life and can never have children or any other pets I will go else where to find my dog. I also would only purchase from a reputable breeder, no puppy mills for me. {I did one research project on that and have been scarred ever since.}

Now, mind you I am a mere 5′ 2″ I love large dogs. Having grown up with lab mixes and Heinz 77 dogs along with working at a dog kennel in High School, large dogs don’t intimidate me, but find their size comforting. {I was so much more afraid of poodles (toy) and other small dogs I would have to ask the other kennel worker to go in and take care of them} But in my book large dogs have a better personality, more willing to play and be rough with you, whereas little ones I am afraid I may only hurt them. The “small” dog Travis and I want is a basset or a basset mix….not real small.  🙂

I want a dane because they are friendly but can be protective. They are loyal and loving, a great family dog. They need exercise daily not not a huge yard. Not to mention their impressive look is enough of a security system.


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