Life Discipler, a review

I received the Life Discipler from Team Buzzplant for review. I was not sure about this product before I started to use it. The Life Discipler is the bible verse finder.

My favorite use for the Life Discipler {click for information} was a daily bible reading on a particular subject. Recently Protection and Security. It is set to go off every 30 minutes.  The “Memorization” feature is nice. When I come across a verse that really speaks to me I can add it to be memorized. There I can go back and re read it as many times as I want. It is always there and that gives me security when speaking to others because I can just pull it up on my LD and read it to them.

I added a small carabiner to mine and it stays attached to my bag for work and is always with me. It is small enough that no one will really notice it but large enough to hit the buttons and read the text on the screen {by the way I made my text larger…for 24 my eyes are pretty bad}.

It took me a while to understand the outline of the Life Discipler, as I am not one to read directions for electronics. But figured it out soon enough.

The Life Discipler would be a great gift for someone who enjoys regular scripture readings. Families that want to introduce more scripture into their daily lives. And anyone who needs a verse now and then to make it through the day.

I received this product for review by Team BuzzBloggers.


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