Blind Hope, a review

In Blind Hope, we meet Laurie and the 9 year old Australian shepherd she rescues called Mia. Laurie rescues Mia from an abusive owner to learn Mia has canine diabetes, rotten teeth and is going blind. Mia runs from Laurie at first has to learn to trust, believe and listen to Laurie. Mia follows but then decides she doesn’t need to listen to Laurie she can find her way all on her own. She ends up running into things and getting a bloody nose. Laurie realizes that sometimes we learn through our mistakes. The way she has. Laurie has had a tough break, hard time making friends and learning to trust, believe and listen to God in her life. Mia turns all of this around for Laurie.

This is a story of choosing to love. Choosing to look past all the problems and troubles of life and loving those around you and your life.

There were times when reading this book I thought, “Wow, God is that me?” Laurie is very relate able and I feel most readers will understand her. Mia not only saves Laurie but Laurie learns how to lead Mia, thus learning how to follow God.

I received this book free from Waterbrook Multnomah.


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