Homeless for the Holidays, a review

Homeless for the Holidays has received 5 dove awards and has been awarded the title a family friendly movie. The concept and true story basis of the movie was moving. Although the filming was on the iffy side and the script wasn’t 100% great. I feel the actors conveyed the message well. I felt at times the wife’s role was underplayed. I can’t imagine the stresses and public pressures she felt each day. I did get the sense that the film had a political motive at times…I think this film is very relevant, with the economy, our societal norms and pressures to up hold a certain lifestyle.

Overall, I would recommend this to family and friends looking for a family friendly film. I think it has a great message to send to children and adults alike. We need to give to those around us when our blessing are abundant. Had this film had a bigger budget, I feel it could have been a very popular among young families.

The DVD can be purchased online and select Christian bookstores www.homelessfortheholidaysmovie.com

I was given this movie for review by Buzzbloggers at http://www.teambuzzplant.com.


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