What I am doing at 6am 4 days a week

After watching Travis finish his first Sprint Triathlon this summer, I decided I could do that too. If some of those people could finish I sure could!

Step One; running (because this is my weakest point in the Tri and will probably take me some time to master)

Train for the 5K, and run the 5K at the Bearathon for practice…

So Travis found MiCouch from Adidas. We have an app on our iPhones and it syncs with our account online. Gives us a training schedule and a little couch in my ear telling me to “Speed Up” every now and then. This is our first week.

Today I did really well, and pushed through some breathing obsticals…by the way if you have any tips on breathing while running I will listen! Travis and I chose to do the 10K running plan together and as we approach the Bearathon Travis is train harder for the Half Marathon and I will focus more on the 5K. But we felt this was a good place to start!

My next hope is to get some new running shoes, I finally tried the Reebok ZigPulse and have fallen in love! It feels like it pushes you through the run…

They look a little ridiculous but they sure do feel good on my feet!


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