Galapagos Islands- Day 5 Morning Santa Cruz

This is the day all of YOU have been waiting for. No this isn’t the last day, this was the day we saw the Giant Tortoise of the Galapagos. Yes, this was that day!

But before we saw the tortoises we saw 2 giant sink holes. The environment of Santa Cruz was much (MUCH) more tropical than that of the other islands, because it is one of the older islands. (But not the oldest) The are called the Twin Sink Holes, they are either side of the road we took to the Highlands of Santa Cruz.

After we saw the sink holes we went to a private ranch were the owner charges $3 per tourist to come and see the wild Galapagos Tortoises on his land. (and cows but mostly for the tortoises)

These guys were pretty crazy. The youngest one we saw our guide estimated him to be about 50 years and not yet sexually mature. yep. 50. And when the move/walk they move with purpose! We learned that they float in water and don’t have to eat or drink for a year if necessary! They can weigh up to 800 lbs and scientist guess they can live anywhere from 200-300 years. No one knows for sure.

After the tortoises we went to a lava tube. It was pretty huge is an understatement! It would have comfortable fit a moving van. We had fun exploring and looking around. I was very thankful there was no lava showed up while we were there!

Yes. Those are bones. Cow Bones. The lucky cow that found the Lava Tube.

This is also where we found out my hat was reflective.

This is what we call a Galapagos Traffic Jam.


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