Galapagos Islands- Day 4 Afternoon on Seymoure Island

Well, after our exhausting hike and snorkel for those (ie the whole boat) who chose. Lunch was a relief and as we ate we headed to North Seymoure Island. Here the frigate birds, mate all year round unlike Genovesa where they mate seasonally. The blue footed boobies were also dancing! We hoped for land iguanas…because this is one of the few islands that has them… I actually broke a sweat on this day, the sun was out and the sand was red and felt hot beneath my feet.

This island also just looks hot!

Land Iguana, photo courtesy of Steve Clarke

How male frigate birds attract the females

Blue Footed Booby with 2 eggs

Orlando explaining how this plant absorbs water. Got to love the hand motions!


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