Galapagos Islands- Day 4 Morning on Bartholome or Dancing the Night away was a bad idea after the first 150 wooden steps of 365

This morning we did a hike together and not on the terrain of Bartholome but on a wooden prepared path by the Darwin Foundation. All 365 steps…and these aren’t your International Building Code steps, but nothing like Manchu Picchu in Peru. No lie, maybe I shouldn’t have danced so long the night before…but it was a good sore where you know your getting a good work out!

This is Bartholome, those gray plants are some kind of tequila plant that put toxins into the soils so only it grows…this is a very fragile ecosystem. Before the boardwalk which has been there 10 years or so now, tourists walked on the terrain. You can still see the path.  (not in this image) Also this is where Master and Commander filmed their Galapagos Island segment.

Our Group at the top

Our Guides!

The Clarke’s excluding Steve on Bartholome

The decent!

After the hike we had the opportunity to snorkel. Travis took photos:


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