What do pirates, baptism, and a dance off have to do with the Galapagos?

Pretty good question huh??? I bet you don’t know the answer!

Let me help you out…

After Santiago, hiking on Chinese Hat or Snorkeling and seeing the flamingos from the boat in a salt water lagoon; we had traditional Ecuadorian cuisine. Quiet tasty might I add. Then after desert the lights went out. Like it is pitch dark…have you ever been on the ocean without any lights on our boat? Well, black as night doesn’t even begin to describe this darkness! Suddenly, Orlando is shouting, “What is going on?” and all I can think is, “if this is a drill we are screwed cause we never did the life vest training!” About that time the crew begins to come in from different doors with aluminum foil weapons and eye patches! Apparently they were commandeering our “ship”!! Their leader is, nonetheless, one of our own a passenger!

She made the captain, remove his official captain shirt and she wore it, and made him drink one of the 2 drinks our bartender and host prepared. One was Red (Blood of the Sea Turtle) and one was Green (Pee of the Marine Iguana). Then they begin to “baptize” the passangers…sprinkling us with water via celery, then eating a piece of apple soaked in vinegar, drinking one of the 2 offered drinks (both were pretty bad by all reports) and finally putting an Ash Wednesday cross on our foreheads with whipped cream… As all this was happening we were given Galapagos names which changed on the last day but it was fun! And after all this we were invited to dance the night away…literally!

Janet, above

Travis, above

Steve and I, above

Salem, above

I bet you’re wondering about our Galapagos names, well you’re just going to have to wait! 🙂


Salem and Steve!

Travis and me!

YMCA, breaks the language barrier!


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