A Young Christian Adult’s Reflection on September 11th/the mosque in NYC/and the Koran burning Pastor

This was a difficult blog to write. I am a very emotional person and it takes a lot of restraint to not say the things that are on the blinking billboards in my head. Most of which is rude and inconsiderate. (mostly to Christians by the way) I hope this reads as one blog with sections and ties together nicely, it took a lot of work to get it out of my head. I hope you understand the point behind what I am trying to say. I hope I don’t sound rude, arrogant, uneducated or pompous. I want this to be honest and truthful and that maybe hard for some to hear.

Nine Years Ago

As I sat in my Agriculture elective class that morning, this time it was Landscape Design, after the usual morning announcements (boring as usual) our Principal came on the intercom. Already we know either we are getting a talking to about leaving campus early again or something is wrong. Unfortunately something was wrong. “There has been an attack on the Twin Towers in NYC. We will update you when more information has become available” she said. WHAT? That is ALL we get? As the day progresses, we learn little. It was almost like the administration didn’t want a bunch of teenagers to know what was going on in NYC or the rest of the world. Finally in 5th period history, we get to sit in front of a tv. It is almost to unreal. These things don’t happen here, not in America. After school mom allowed me and my sister, 13 at the time, to watch only about an hour of the news footage.

Yes, I know where I was. I know what I wrote in my planner on that day “Twin Towers Bombed” and I wrote that then because I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t really know what Islam was, considering I grew up in the Bible Belt and went to church every other Sunday. I didn’t realize the amount of hatred that would be generated due to these events and how long we would be at war.

What happened on 9/11/2001 occurs daily in the middle east. As Christians this should break our heart. As Christians who are to be “little Christs” are not breaking at the thought of the lost people and Muslims around the world. As a teenager in Houston, Texas, the events of 9/11 didn’t drastically change my life. I was more aware of the religions around me and we hung the flag outside our home. But I don’t have a deep-rooted hatred for the Islamic people, in fact we need to reach out to them. The problem is we (Americans) claim to be Christians and when people from other cultures see our TV shows, MTV Real World (which by the way is nothing like the real world), ET! (generally a bad portrayal of our obsession with celebrities and our attempts to mimic them in style and attitude), etc, and then related that with the Christian America. (By the way, this nation is not Christian. People are we have a separation of church and state for a reason. But lets not chase any rabbits.) The best way to stop associating America with Christianity is to stop the “We are a Christian Nation” talk.

The Mosque in NYC

How much do we really know about the Islamic religion? Some say they are peaceful and some say they are radicals. Me? I know very little and would prefer to reference a book before making any “radical” comments. Well, here is what I have to say…I think people are being prejudice to the Islamic people for wanting to build this. We do live in a country with freedom of religion but recently it has become; freedom of religion excluding Islam. That doesn’t sound like freedom of religion to me. You? The whole point of Freedom of Religion was to let people come and worship in their own way without the fear of persecution. And we are silently persecuting them. We judge them, we single them out at airports, we assume the want the US to burn and then preach on the wonderful freedoms we have in this country (for Christians).

Yes, some Muslims are Radicals and Extremists. There are a few Christians like that too. (KKK and people who advocate that slavery is ok b/c it is in the Bible but so are a lot of other things like; the bashing of babies heads, the unicorn mentioned in Psalms (KJV), and a talking donkey in Numbers(all versions).) Dr. Jim Denison said this weekend at the Greater Cause Conference held at Dallas Baptist that the greatest threat in the world was Radicalism. This includes radical Muslims and Christians. I agree. Anne Graham Lotz said the biggest problem in the world is sin. Everything from a half truth to murder and sexual immorality. I agree as well.

Koran Burning in Memoriam of 9-11

No offense to how you may feel about this but…this is down right insensitive. Yes people burn the bible. Yes it is offensive. But encouraging people to burn a Koran? How is this loving others? How is this loving your enemy? If someone burned a Bible out of “love” for me I can’t say I would be friends with or associate with them. Wouldn’t you? This is not what Jesus preached. He challenged the leaders of the Jewish Faith to seek God in a new way. He didn’t tell or preach or encourage the young Church to burn the Septuagint or other Hebrew Texts. He wants us to come together in love and build relationships. It’s not about acting out and telling people they are wrong. (if this is how you evangelize, good luck)It is about getting to know someone and learning about them and presenting yourself as an Ambassador to Christ. Showing others being a Christian does not make you perfect, exempt from mistakes, or feelings of failure. We are all sinners, no one person worse than another. (Now your saying “But they deny the deity of Christ! That is so worse than the lie I told to my boss about why I was late.” Yes they deny the deity of Christ, but all sins have the same value to God. We put sins on a weight and judge which are worse to us.) Some people worship technology (i am guilty of this), others Buddha, the Earth, clothes, celebrities, and even food. We are all sinners, myself included. The only difference between me and a Muslim is I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

I heard a great accronem for ISLAM today= I Sincerely Love All Muslims <- that is what Christ called His followers to do.

Better late than never…sorry for posting so late.

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3 thoughts on “A Young Christian Adult’s Reflection on September 11th/the mosque in NYC/and the Koran burning Pastor

  1. I think we’ve touched on this before, but I pretty much agree with you. The thing is, which I learned mostly in my Bible as lit class, the Koran holds a lot of the same stories the Bible does. The only difference is they don’t believe Jesus is the Messiah, plus other odds and ends.
    Just like the Bible, it is a matter of interpretation. The Muslim extremists took some minute parts out of the Koran and twisted them to justify what they are doing as right (which Christians do as well).
    I never thought about it, but what Dr. Denison said makes a lot of sense. It’s not religion we should worry about, it is the Radicals.

    • Thank you for being open and honest with your opinion on the matter. I know a LOT of Christians that do not agree with me…although I want to be Christ serving and honoring, and sometimes this means saying thing people do not want to hear. Especially people conform and go with what society says on Islam, politics and religion in general.

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