Galapagos Islands- Day 3 Morning on Santiago Island

Galapagos Island Names

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If you didn’t read about our afternoon adventure go HERE. What Travis didn’t tell you was the water for the deep water snorkel was really really cold…like 60’s. And I only snorkeled for about 15 minutes before getting in the boat. Mind you this was the 2nd time in my life I had snorkeled, and as soon as we got in the water there was a sea turtle under me like THERE…within feet of me. Which was really cool but then I made the mistake of looking out to sea and not being able to see anything started to freak me out, especially when I thought our guide said he saw a shark.

Yep, I got sick again, and like not just feeling sick but holding my hair out of my face while trying to only get sick in the toilet not the all over the floor as the boat rocked back and forth and back and forth. At least we had a decent sized bathroom and my bed was the closest to it, I only worried when Travis got sick on our way to Fernadina that I would be in the cross hairs of getting to the bathroom on time…now that you have had too much information about the goings on in our small cabin and running the 2-5 feet to the bathroom in the middle of the night, lets get on with our trip…

Santiago Island, is on the east side of Isabela Island and had a salt mine on the island for many years. When on our walk we could see the remnants of the structure along with the salt containers. They recently had eradicated all the goats (introduced species) off the island, they did this several different ways. None of them were pretty. But they were harming the natural ecosystem of Santiago.

Santiago had beautiful black ash beaches,  which we noticed when we wet landed on the beach. Santiago was  beautiful, we walked to the cliff side of the island, not to far from the beach and saw Darwin’s Toilet which is an area in the lava rock has fallen through to the sea, the water rises and falls with the tide. We watched a young sea lion play for several minutes with a bay lobster in the toilet. We then got to walk over a rock bridge below we saw a sea turtle and sea lions playing. The hike on Santigo was really nice and the terrain wasn’t to bad. It was a nice island, we didn’t see anything “new” but it was a pleasant walk and got to see some interesting land formations. When we arrived back at the beach a group went snorkeling, and I think this was where Travis saw his shark, maybe not I am not sure. He’ll tell you more about it HERE. I enjoyed walking the beach and photographing the sea urchins, crabs and the rock formations!

Sea Lion playing in “Darwin’s Toilet”

Sea Urchin on the Black Sand Beach of Santiago.

Travis and I.


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