Evolving in Monkey Town by Rachel Held Evans, a review

So, a while back I won 5 books from Zondervan through a contest held by the author of Evolving in Monkey Town, Mrs. Rachel Held Evans. After finishing the book I was reading I picked up hers. I have recently been reading memoirs and biographies. Real people are becoming as fascinating as fiction, if not more so.

Evans grew up in Alabama and Tennessee, a Christian home and had a fairly normal childhood. (Except she didn’t believe dogs went to heaven, only bullfrogs and butterflies) Towards the end of her college experience something happens, she begins to question her faith. Why does she believe certain things? Why do we hold true to certain verses and generalize others? This book is her journey from certainty to taking a leap on faith.

I feel Evans has truly captured the generation of Christians coming up, 20-30’s. Our views of the Bible, God, the economy, “Biblical Worldview”, politics and the World. She questions the fundamentals to understand why. After reading the book, I can see where certain people would believe her to have “lost” her faith. But I believe she has shed a light on the true heart of the matter. How people really feel. Asking the questions we really need to and should have been asking and growing in our faith from them.

I loved her bit in the book about how some believe you can’t be a Christian and vote Democrat, or believe in evolution, or have questions about the Bible, or be a feminist, or smoke and drink, or read the New York Times, or get depressed, or doubt. My generation, this generation is doing this we are breaking down the walls. We are beginning to understand that Christianity is about having Child-like faith to the fullest and we are beginning to ask questions about our faith like children.

No not everyone is going to agree with everything Evans has to say but it is worth hearing.

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