Baking Homemade Artisan Bread

So, to save on expenses I have decided to make our own bread from now on. I got a GREAT recipe from a co-worker that requires no kneading! Just place all the ingredients in a resealable container (not airtight), and let rise for 3 hours (or overnight). So last night I mixed all my ingredients together and they have been sitting in my fridge just a rising! I am lacking the pizza peel, but I am going to use my wooden cutting board for that. I am also lacking a pizza stone, but plan to improvise on this as well with an unglazed terracotta tile. Yep you read that right! And after calling every possible place in Waco this afternoon and not being about to find unglazed or unfinished terracotta/Saltillo/mexican tile or unglazed quarry tile, I found a small piece in MH from work that will do until I can get a 12×12 or 16×16.

That is my dough! It rose last night and today! ( about half is gone b/c I took out some to make my loaf tonight) Yes that is Beringer back there and no it is not in the bread.

My Improvised pizza peel! May use parchment paper next time…

My Pizza Stone (Mexican Tile unglazed) Looking for a 12×12 or 16×16 eventually

Baking in the oven!! Smells amazing!

Final Product! Yumm! Homemade Artisan Bread!

By the Way, had some for breakfast this morning and it was AMAZING!!


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