Ok, I know, I know I am behind on my Architectural Series. I was so exhausted this weekend that I didn’t get my research in on Nouveau and Deco. (above is the Chrysler Building)

Another note:

We are getting closer to leaving for Quito, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. I may write up a few blogs on each place to post while I am away. I bought a journal the other day, and will write when I don’t have access to the internet. (ie, I am on the pacific ocean, without cell or internet…) I think I have everything I need, it is just a matter of packing now…so excited and scary! My first time out of the country!

On Another Note:

Travis is doing the Waco Tri on July 25th. And I have decided to Volunteer, I might has well since I will be there… so I will be there at 4:30 AM to give out timer chips to the participants before the race begins. This gives Travis enough time to set up his transition and get comfortable with the course and transition.

Book Update:

I am currently trying to read Burn by Ted Dekker and Erin Healy. So far (about 3/4 the way through) it doesn’t capture my attention and I am not connecting with the characters. Only 10 or so chapters left, I am so glad they are short! Next will be Same Kind of Different as Me by Hall and Moore; this one is for review from BookSneeze.

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