Thoughts about turning 24

I have finally realized and feel like I am an adult.

I can purchase and drink alcohol.

I work a full-time job (and own my photography business).

I occasionally make a true homemade meal but provide a meal of some sort to my husband. And if he is really nice I make dessert too!

I live in a house (rented) with a yard.

I have a small garden that provides: parsley, green onions, basil, a peach plant and a rose-bush.

I read not only for entertainment but to continue learning. Currently, I am researching the architecture of the church building and how people worshiped long ago. I consider Graduate School an option, although I never did in Undergrad.

My husband and I are involved in a Church Plant in Bellmead, The Bridge. This feels very grown up!

We have 2 cats and a guinea pig…like 3 annoying little children that never understand why your mad at them!

I have a little sister that just turned 21. And will graduate from her undergrad in December.

I have a sister-in-law that will finish her undergrad in a year, and is considering pursuing graduate work.

I have a husband in Graduate School, who wants a Ph.D. in Early Christian History and Theology.

I am learning more about myself each day. Where I want to learn more and be creative in…maybe cake decorating??

Of course mine will look like a pro did it but these are some ideas I have seen!

Share some love!

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