Bellmead Church Plant (First Woodway FBC)

Our Church, First Woodway FBC is helping begin a new church community in an old church building in a small town outside Waco in Bellmead. Our venture began about a year ago, the FBC Bellmead ended in August (?) 2009.

Our team, 5-7 strong meets ever 2 weeks now, every week back during the school year. We have volunteered and worked on the building, done community activities and attempted to show the people of Bellmead we are not starting the church that was there before. (which had some problems and ended up dissolving) We are starting a new church community for everyone in Bellmead. We want them to know we love them and care for them. The hardest part of this process has been praying! We have been praying for so long! For the building, the community, the future pastor, and for us as we prepare ourselves to become members there once everything is in place.

Last night we received word that, we get to meet the man they are considering for the Pastor position. He has come a long way and wasn’t what the church originally thought of when they put together the pastor search team. We get to have a meet and greet and dinner next week. Travis isn’t going to “prepare” any questions for him but I think he will have a few in mind when we arrive. I am going to prepare a few, something simple, nothing theologically based.

If this man is voted in to become the pastor then I think the ball is roll faster than ever before…church name ideas (we will not go by the previous name because we are a NEW church. We are not FBC Bellmead) and programs can begin! We (prayer team) have already been talking about a water day up at the church to the kids in Bellmead, Fun in the Son. Catchy huh?! The hardest part (for me) will be if we decide to do a door to door ministry to tell people about the church. This is not something I am really excited about but if the Lord wills it I will do what I am called to do.

I have been thinking lately about me and what I can do for this new church. But it is more like what can God do through me…my talent and skills are various but not necessarily people oriented. I am a behind the scene person. My gifts are service and time. I am artistic and love to create. I hope I can be a helpful part of this new church. I know God will do amazing things, through us and show the Bellmead people how much He loves them.

One thought on “Bellmead Church Plant (First Woodway FBC)

  1. Thanks for sharing your story with us, Shelby! We hope and pray along with you that God plants this NEW thing. I was reading last night in my quiet time that those who “plant in tears will harvest with SHOUTS of joy.”

    Blessings on your new venture,

    Renee Johnson from the Throw Mountains team.

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