My Cats

I love my cats. I wasn’t always a cat person but my little Charlie, melts my heart…

Isn’t she sweet! She is so hard to take pictures of because she is always rubbing on you and asking for dinner! She came to us when we moved into our “new” home, a house in Waco. She was a stray but was cautious of us. But she trusted us enough to let us pet her. The other strays were feral and would run at the sound of our voice. Not my Charlie Girl! She has a crooked tail (the end of it looks like a dot), and doesn’t meow, she makes a clicking sound. It is so sweet. The vet said she was born that way and wasn’t tortured. We think her vocal chords didn’t develop right and thats why she can’t meow. She has beautiful Sea Green eyes, and is a grey and black tabby.

Her “brother” Sherwin, isn’t nearly as sweet. He is 100% Boy! He is always getting into something, speaking of which last night he got a foam pictures frame off a bookshelf and attacked it…I think he was still upset about getting brushed! We adopted Sherwin the same way we got Charlie…the great outdoors. Sherwin was trying to catch a June bug while Travis took the trash out last summer. Sherwin came back in the morning and by the time I realized what happened Sherwin was ours…we named him Sherwin because he looks like he got into a can of paint, and if you know him it’s within his personality to do just that!

I found the following cartoon online today. And you have to know my cats to laugh at the cartoon, everyday I get up and feed them in the morning before I eat breakfast. Then I go to work and when I get home, I have a welcoming party, not because they love me or missed me or what attention, but because they, those two very abused cats who get practically everything their little hearts desire…want dinner and they want it now! Charlie will practically trip you because she is so hungry, she makes her clicking noise and purrs and runs around the dining room. Sherwin, enjoys eating but isn’t as much a beggar as Charlie is for dinner. Sherwin begs for ice cream, chocolate, and whipped cream (he has a more refined taste than cat food).

I changed the name…and that is Charlie talking by the way!!


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