the Secret Holocaust diaries by Nonna Bannister

I had family in WWII and were taken as POW  by the Nazis. When I saw this book was available through the Tyndale Media Network, I knew it was something I would find fascinating and horrifying. I have a great passion for history and for the injustice of the world.

This is the true personal story of Nonna Bannister, who was raised in Russia during the Bolshevik Civil War, and taken hostage by the Nazis for a labor camp. She experienced unspeakable horrors that no child, nontheless any human being should ever go through. Before the trials and war, Nonna was given a diary by her father for her 9th birthday and she consistently wrote; at the time she probably had no idea what would come of her diaries and notes. She went through a great deal, and hid her past for 40 years from her husband. He was patient and understanding, and when she finally told him, “it is time.” He didn’t even know what to expect. Nonna translated her diaries for him into English on large yellow writing pads. While translating she included notes and family history. She remembered details she never wrote; or probably could have written until not to long ago. She kept photos and introduced him to her family one by one…it was an experience I am sure nothing can match.  For those touched by WWII, who have lost family members, who know of the horrors that occurred…this book will be difficult to read.

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.


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