Stuff Christians Like by Jonathan Acuff (audio book)

I recently downloaded the audio book, Stuff Christians Like by Jonathan Acuff. This is my first audio book, and first book full of essays. This was not one of my books for review by Tyndale or BookSneeze. Instead I saw via Twitter that you could download this for free and thought why not? It was defiantly humorous and made me laugh. Acuff’s sense of humor is really honest, he looks at the world around him and tells you what he sees. Sometimes it the obvious, like defaulting to AFLAC (a faith like a child) and the unmentionable, like the YMCA worshiper verses the pound cake… or the side hug (pictured on the cover).  Acuff divides his essays into several main areas, my bad, church, parents, etc. The last one being of a more serious and theological subject. My husband and I were thrown for a loop when we got to this point because we had previously been laughing so hard our side hurt, then he brings up what it means to be naked in front of God…not funny but very heart felt and personal. The joy of this book is it’s honesty and from now on when I see youth kids doing the side hug, or when we go to church and see the BIG numbers on the screen calling parents to their unrully and wailing child I am going to think “Good job J. Acuff!”

If you get the audio book it pays to listen all the way through the acknowledgments…there is a fun surprise at the end!


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