Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult

I recently finished reading Vanishing Acts. It seems to me I am able to read her books quicker than the one before because I begin to know what to expect. I know how she writes from various viewpoints and how we can see everyone’s point of view.

In Vanishing Acts the reader has to come to a very difficult decision. When is it the parents right o do what is necessary and break the law or continue down a difficult path and the justice system deems as “right” or “correct”? This book also reflects we are not our parents. We grow as children and learn what is right and wrong by observing them. We are not addicted to something just because of our circumstances but because of the choice we make and the people in our lives that influence us. We are all wonderfully and beautifully made by our Creator Jesus Christ. He is the perfector of our faith and is glorified in us when we chose what is right and of Him.

In the end, Picoult leaves us with questions at which point we must choose, was Delia’s father right? And what her life would have been like if she stayed home.

I encourage you to read this book. I didn’t find it as emotionally hard as others, The Tenth Circle & My Sister’s Keeper.

I just received Christian Encounters: Jane Austen in the mail yesterday! Check back for the review!


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